Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holliston’s issues Comprehensive Permit (with a smile!)

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Holliston’s issues Comprehensive Permit (with a smile!)

Green View Realty is pleased that the litigation on this proposed project has finally ended. The crowning decision was the SJC denial of further Appellate Review. The Town of Holliston ZBA, in a last ditch effort, attempted to issue a heavily conditioned Comprehensive Permit in an unusual early morning meeting but was succinctly advised by Attorney Robert Fasanella of Rubin & Rudman LLC that the Town of Holliston had no right to unilaterally issue a Comprehensive Permit. He informed them that they were “Out of Bullets” a statement also affirmed by the Town’s special Council Atty Mark Babrowski.

Green View Realty was able to negotiate the final Comprehensive Permit that was issued by the ZBA on November 30 2011. As if nothing had occurred, and with a smile, the ZBA chairman Henry Dellicker stated that there was nothing personal that the Board had considered in its seven year opposition to the project.

As in most things in life, timing plays an important role in the outcome of the best laid plans. Perhaps it is so here, and while the executive committees of Holliston may have believed that their unsubstantiated case was supported by their personal beliefs we now have the Comprehensive Permit with no onerous conditions affirming what we have committed to from the outset by using sound science, engineering and law abiding persistence to achieve our latest milestone. Projects like this are excellent stimulus for economic development that will help lead the economy out of the recession by creating jobs, especially for the Citizens of Holliston.

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