Thursday, January 20, 2011

Green View Realty responds to Holliston’s Appeal to Higher Court

January 20 2011: Two years after the Massachusetts Housing Appeals Committee ruled to issue a comprehensive permit to Green View Realty for the construction of 200 Town Homes in Holliston, we are still battling a local issue over the efficacy of the permit. After filing in Middlesex County Superior Court in 2009 and loosing by decision in 2010 Holliston hopefully filed its final appeal to overturn the Comprehensive Permit in October 2010. Now Green View Realty has filed its answer for the third time to the repetitive issues brought by the Town to stop the project. Attorneys for the Appellee Rubin and Rudman, LLC feel very confident that the Green View response provides a solid rebuttal to the allegations proffered by the Town’s council.

Oral arguments will be scheduled for early spring with the expectation of an Appeal Court decision by early summer.

The next milestone goal for Green View is to be shovel ready for construction in the spring of 2012.